Zach Channels Jesus & We Talk Ascension

In this episode of the Indigo Minute podcast my friend Zach Loeb channels Jesus and we talk about Ascension. BTW who better to talk about Ascension with then the guy who actually ascended.. the triple OG Jesus? Zach is a career coach, a psychic, and a medium. He’s channeled Ascended Masters for me in the past, and the conversations we’ve had have been most interesting. This one being no exception. Channeling is a natural ability we all have where we can channel another aspect of our Collective Self to come through and speak. Since we are all One, we have access to all the other parts of ourselves.. including the Ascended Masters. It’s like putting on an archetypal mask and embodying the spirit of that identity to live through you for a little while. Very interesting stuff… especially because it expands and deepens that fundamental question Who Am I?

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