Alex Grey: How Alex Became Grey


Alex Grey is a visionary artist who paints unseen worlds. Last week he spoke with his wife Allyson Grey at the Peace Yoga Gallery in LA about their journey through life and the art world. The 2-3 hour presentation was an inspiring story of self discovery, connection, true love, overcoming challenges, and the transformative process of creating something from nothing. The video above is their fundamental life changing story of how Alex and Allyson both became Grey.


Currently they are raising resources on KickStarter to build their greatest artistic endeavor called Entheon. It is a visionary art sanctuary that will house some of the most progressive art on the planet. Help them build it by contributing on

UNIFY: Global Meditation at Lightning In A Bottle

maksEvents held an incredible global meditation experience at this year’s Lightning In A Bottle festival. Our synchronized intention was to visualize all the water reservoirs of California and the entire world being abundantly filled for the greatest good of all. Thousands gathered physically, and hundreds of thousands globally as we became one with water through the power of our self love. It was a beautiful ceremony as our powerful intentions rippled through the world creating physical changes in our collective consciousness. Sign up to participate in future global meditations at


Dr. Pedram Shojai: The Light Body


Dr. Pedram Shojai is a QiGong Master and Taoist Alchemist teaching the techniques and philosophy of balanced living. He’s also an author and film maker with his main mission being to help enlighten the world, which he does as the founder of

In this Indigo Minute interview we talk about the light body, and the fundamental identity of who we are. Biohacks for manifestation, overcoming fear, and building the relationship with your true self are all discussed. This is a great interview on the mechanics of creation, and a good one for anyone that likes to play! 🙂


On Consciousness:

“Consciousness is the essence of your spirit… Your consciousness is the glue that binds you to all of life.”
— Dr. Pedram Shojai

On Manifestation:

I’ll visualize it, I’ll see it, I’ll breathe life into it, and then I’ll let the universe give me all of the breadcrumbs to follow into the emanation of that.
— Dr. Pedram Shojai

Dave Kalstein: The Art of Flow


Dave Kalstein is the Co-Executive Producer and Writer of the hit series NCIS: Los Angeles and instructor utilizing the universal formulas of the Sayoc Kali Filipino Martial Arts.

In this interview Dave talks about the Art of Flow, and how anyone can tap into their “Flow State” for increased creativity & awareness on command. He explains what it takes to be a great story-teller, and how to overcome your fears in living a life that is your highest excitement. Lastly he touches on his experiences with ’40 Years of Zen’, a biohacking neurofeedback technology, and his realization that the process is the reward. Overall this is an interview about self-mastery, and includes many insights for all those who are on the path to knowing themselves.


“You know what it is now (The Flow State), and you can tap into it. The first step is being aware that you’re in the state, and realizing that you can create it whenever you want.” — Dave Kalstein

Jim Kwik: The Success Formula


Jim Kwik has been a mental coach to leaders in education, entertainment, technology, and business for over 20 years. During this interview Jim talks about ‘The Success Formula’ and the real secrets to a faster, smarter, better brain by unlocking your inner genius to live the life you desire and deserve. Join us in looking at some of the practical and powerful tools to BioHack yourself into being the Super Hero You that lies within.


“Your Powerful Presence comes from being Powerfully Present.”
— Jim Kwik