The Secret To Protection | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 19)


How do you protect yourself from negative energy? Protection has nothing to do with resistance, and everything to do with choice. How do you respond to your negative self talk or the negativity of others? Protection is not about defending yourself from inner or outer enemies. It’s about shifting your perspective into having no enemies to begin with! Listen/Subscribe on … Read More

I AM Presence Meditation | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 18)


When I Am a person, I suffer. When I Am Presence, I Am free. When we identify with being solely our character, we experience the painful attachments of its highs and lows. By identifying with our Presence we can feel the freedom of witnessing our life unfold without drama. Enjoy this special meditation to connect you more deeply with your … Read More

How To Create New Habits | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 17)


“When a child is learning how to walk and falls down 50 times, they never think to themselves, “Maybe this isn’t for me.”” To change your life you have to create new habits, because we become what we repeatedly do. If it’s been challenging for you to change yourself for the better then this is worth a listen. In this … Read More

The Secret To Happiness | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 16)


Is it possible to be happy all the time? Many people have given into the belief that suffering is an inevitable part of life’s highs and lows. Well, let me be the first to tell you that it’s not, and you’re not doomed to experience pain forever, unless of course you want to. What if I told you that consistent … Read More

Indigo Minute Yemen Peace Meditation Update

maksGlobal Meditation

This is an update to all the Light Workers that participated in the Indigo Minute Yemen peace meditations. Our collective visualizations to clear the electromagnetic darkness, negative thought forms, and emotional imbalances in the land and people of Yemen were successful. The clearing of these negative nonphysical energies has manifested in a physical way with a complete halt of the … Read More

Mirror Light Shield Meditation | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 15)


The Mirror Light Shield is a very effective tool that will assist you in holding your highest Light frequency. Throughout our day we get bombarded by negative thoughts and feelings from other people and our environment. These negative energies can sometimes create a wobble in our personal space, and take us off course from following through on our excitement. In … Read More

Indigo Minute Ascension Circle Meditation In L.A.


It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world into our own hands. Come to the first Indigo Minute Ascension Circle Meditation In L.A. to change the Earth with the power of our unified imagination. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will … Read More

The Fall of Consciousness | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 14)


 This is the story of the Fall of Consciousness; a timeless tale of how we gradually fell from our unity with All That Is, and completely forgot about who and what we are. It’s a story about our experimentation with the separation anomaly, how we got lost in the maze of our own creation, and what we are consciously … Read More

Archetypes of Light | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 13)


Light is the fundamental building block of reality from which all forms are made of. Imagine it as a limitless energy source that you can use to create whatever you want. Our great work as Alchemists is to use the 3 Archetypes of Light to transform the lead aspects of our consciousness into gold. By consciously working with the Prima … Read More

Holding The Light | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 12)


How do we hold our preferred good mood without getting pulled into someone else’s bad mood? There are many inner and outer distractions that battle for our attention, and pull us away from our conscious positive intentions. Our greatest challenge as Alchemists is in holding the Light that we prefer no matter what is happening in our environment. The universal … Read More