Ascension Alchemy: The Science of Spiritual Ascension

maksAscension Alchemy

001! This is the first episode of the Indigo Minute Ascension Alchemy educational series. I’m excited to kick it off by introducing the concept of Ascension Alchemy, which is an inner scientific spiritual process for Ascension.
Ascension is a quantum leap of who you are into a multidimensional state of consciousness. It is a process of re-discovering your Indestructible Self who is your infinite supply for all love, wisdom, and power. The alchemists of old called it The Great Work. It is a spiritual scientific alchemy that transforms the Lead aspects of your consciousness into Gold.
Find out more in this episode 001…
– 2 Step Refinement Process: Clearing & Connecting
– I Am The Artistic Medium: Creating Yourself
– Conscious Will, Intention, & Attention
– Higher Self: Choosing To Be Bigger
“Imagine if everyone thought the same thing for one minute.” 3:33


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