What You Want Is Looking For You

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Have you ever felt the need to figure it all out to the point where your running around in circles creating unnecessary drama? We often feel that need to manipulate the outer reflection to make happen what we think needs to happen. However have you ever tried sitting still, and letting what you want to happen come to you instead? Often times what comes is even better than what we imagined.


So next time you find yourself getting caught in the peripheral chaos of the hurricane, stop yourself, and rest in the eye and center of your being. You’ll be surprised when you discover that what you want will finally be able to find you in the presence of your being present.
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Do you have a deep desire to know yourself and understand the mystery of life? Have you been confused about what your purpose is? Do you want to free yourself from a challenge that keeps repeating itself over and over again? Are you feeling stuck from sharing your unique gifts because of inner and outer discouragement?
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