Love Is Your SuperPower

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Love Is Your SuperPower, and it is infinite in its use. Do not confuse love with a temporary feeling of pleasure, lust, or infatuation. Divine Love is our very foundation, and the recognition of the unity between one Soul and another. It is stable, peaceful, powerful, and wise. Divine Love is the Force from which all of existence is made.
Love is the One Energy that flows from our attention point into the object of our vision. Love is the connecting power between the perceiver and the perceived. Love is the One Manifesting Power that makes all things possible. Love is the greatest power in existence, because it is the fabric of existence.
It truly is our most valuable SuperPower, because it can transform any one thing into any other thing. Darkness like fear and doubt are fundamentally based upon separation. Meaning darkness by design is made to subtract, segregate, and build walls where there is only unity. Divine Love therefore transforms all separation, because it is by its nature a connecting principle. Love takes the separate parts and reconnects them back into the One Unified Whole erasing the entire concept of separation.
All the darkness of separation is within us, and it is up to us as Conscious Creators to use the element of Love to unify what is separate in our mind, body, and world. Our Awareness is the crucible of change, Love is the transforming power, and Presence is our commanding intention. The darkest villains can only be transformed with Divine Love. The greatest achievements can only be created with Divine Love. The deepest bliss can only be felt through the cultivation of Divine Love. I know you know I love you.
“Imagine if everyone visualized the same intention for one minute.”
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