I See That And I Choose This Instead

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We all had the experience of going about our business, and then noticing a random negative thought pop into our mind trying to hijack our attention. Often times this negative thought has nothing to do with us, but it tries really hard to make us identify with it so that it can use our energy to survive within our consciousness.
The reason we identify with these negative thoughts is because we are caught off guard while we are being unconscious of our power as the Creator. That’s when these thoughts creep in, and we subtly start to entertain them, identify with them, expand them, and before you know it we find ourselves deep in a dark hole of horrible pain and suffering. Not fun. They are very sticky.


So the key to becoming free from being mastered by thoughts and outer circumstances is to be aware of your Self at all times. As you cultivate your Presence, you will have an easier time managing your attention. Here is a very potent mantra that works for me to shift my attention from a negative identification into a positive one: “I See That And I Choose This Instead”.
You simply observe the negative thought, and consciously say that you are choosing to identify with this other thought of your choice instead. It helps to already have new reference points on deck, so you can easily have a go-to thought string that you can identify with immediately when a negative one is trying to hijack your attention. We will install some new reference points together in future videos. I love you!
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