Honesty Is The Key To Purity

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Honesty is our greatest Ascension Ally, and I don’t mean the typical kind of outer honesty with friends and family. I mean truly being honest with ourselves, and why we make the choices and take the actions we take.


It takes a lot of courage to really understand ourselves, and what drives our motives. What is the true reason we are doing what we are doing? It’s much easier to be unconscious, and not look at the painful programs that are dominating our thoughts, emotions, and lives. However the irony is we can’t really be honest with anyone else if we are first and foremost not honest with ourselves.
Honesty is the key to purity, and purity is your doorway to freedom. I am challenging you today to look deep within yourself, and really investigate with an honest self assessment — “What patterns do I keep repeating that drain and distract me from the Divine Light of my True Self?”
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