The best way to adjust your time zone when you’re traveling:
1. How to get onto a new timezone:
  • Text “333EST” to get onto the EST list.
  • Text “333CST” to get onto the CST list.
  • Text “333MST” to get onto the MST list.
  • Text “333PST” to get onto the PST list.
2. How to get off your old timezone:
  • Text “STOP 333EST” to get off the EST list.
  • Text “STOP 333CST” to get off the CST list.
  • Text “STOP 333MST” to get off the MST list.
  • Text “STOP 333PST” to get off the PST list.
The easiest ways to sign up your friends for Indigo Minute texts:
Option 1:
1. Text your friends the Indigo Minute number: 312-800-1401
2. Tell them to text it the timezone keyword they want to join:
  • Text 333EST for eastern timezone.
  • Text 333CST for central timezone.
  • Text 333MST for mountain timezone.
  • Text 333PST for pacific timezone.
Option 2:
1. Use the sign up box on the Indigo Minute homepage from your phone/computer to sign up.
Reply to the confirmation text with your timezone keyword to confirm.