Change Yourself Change The World

maksGlobal Meditation

Spiritual scientific studies have shown that when a single person creates an inner change, that change then immediately affects their environment. This basically means that your positive or negative energy output is affecting the world in big and small ways. Realizing this it becomes clear to the true seeker, that one must master themselves in order to change their worldly environment.
Self mastery is taking responsibility for our energy field by deciding to master our every thought, emotion, and action… every moment. When an individual balances themselves sufficiently through the alchemy of self transformation, they reach an unshakeable inner coherence that has far reaching positive effects on the collective consciousness they are one with.
Now imagine all the individual masters who reach that inner coherence unifying together to create an even greater positive resonance field. This massive geometric magnetic field of love, peace, and prosperity generated by the unified masters creates an impenetrable invincibility preventing external disharmony to penetrate it.
Scientific research has found that in cities and towns where as little as one percent of the population practices inner coherence together, the trend of crime rates and disharmony is completely reversed. This science can be verified by the phenomenon of the Meissner Effect in physics, and the Maharishi Effect in spirituality. Inner coherence of love and unity consciousness, mixed with positive unified intention, has the power to change the world in a big way.
This is the purpose of Indigo Minute, to change the world through positive unified intention. By subscribing on, you will receive a daily text message at 3:33pm to participate in the Indigo Minute challenge. These texts are designed with a two fold purpose: 1. To remind the participating masters of their infinite love, wisdom, and power which comes from their Mighty I AM Presence. 2. To intentionally direct that infinite power through their focused imagination upon the outcome we wish to experience. With enough people participating, we can reach our goal of world peace and abundance for all. By unifying together we can all experience Heaven on Earth.
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