The Secret To Happiness | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 16)


Is it possible to be happy all the time? Many people have given into the belief that suffering is an inevitable part of life’s highs and lows. Well, let me be the first to tell you that it’s not, and you’re not doomed to experience pain forever, unless of course you want to. What if I told you that consistent happiness is actually possible with your participation? Do you want to know what the secret to happiness is? I will tell you in this podcast, because I love you. Enjoy and be happy! 🙂
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Indigo Minute Yemen Peace Meditation Update

maksGlobal Meditation

This is an update to all the Light Workers that participated in the Indigo Minute Yemen peace meditations. Our collective visualizations to clear the electromagnetic darkness, negative thought forms, and emotional imbalances in the land and people of Yemen were successful.
The clearing of these negative nonphysical energies has manifested in a physical way with a complete halt of the United Arab Emirates offensive on Hodeidah, Yemen:
UAE announces pause in Hudaida offensive:
UAE halts attack on Yemen port city to help UN negotiator:
In Yemen, a Pause in Fighting Raises Hopes for Peace Talks:
Saudi-led coalition announces pause in Yemen offensive to let UN negotiate with Houthi rebels:
Although news of these positive developments were released yesterday, it is important to note that the UAE Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash said, “the pause had been in effect since June 23” which is the day we did a physical meditation at the beach to bring peace to Yemen, Syria, Gaza, and Israel.  This physical group gathering mixed with the preceding 8 consecutive days of primary visualizations by the Indigo Minute Light Workers Collective, manifested a physical change of peace talks and conflict resolution.
Another interesting note, June 13th is the day that UAE launched its massive military operation on Hodeidah, Yemen. If you notice on the text log below, on June 12th, I was telepathically inspired to begin an experiment with our powerful Indigo Collective of 3:33 Text Subscribers to intentionally “clear Israel of all its destructive forces.” The following day it became clear that this experiment was meant to be actualized for Yemen instead of Israel due to the time sensitive offensive that begun that day. Although there has been minimal news coverage, The United Nations has called Yemen the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.
“Two-thirds of Yemen’s population of 27 million rely on aid that comes through Hudaida port and 8.4 million are already at risk of starvation, leading the UN to describe the country as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.” — Al Jazeera
My intention with this article is to validate our successful accomplishment in dissipating a conflict that could’ve had massive negative ramifications if violence had escalated in the port city of Hodeidah, a lifeline for Yemen’s population. A global negative ripple of displaced refugees was prevented thanks to our Indigo collective, and all the other Light Forces around the planet seen and unseen. It’s important to validate ourselves in our ability to transform a negative into a positive with our individual and unified Light Energy. As our confidence with using the Light grows, so does our ability to peacefully change the world.
Remember, this planet is the body of our collective Self. When one part of the body is hurt, the rest of the collective body is affected, because overall health is one interconnected system. Everything physical is a direct mirror reflection of what is nonphysical. True visualization is God’s attribute and Power of Sight acting in the mind of man. When we consciously visualize in our mind a definite goal we wish to accomplish, we are setting into action one of the most powerful means of bringing it into our visible, tangible experience. There is nothing that we can’t transform and manifest together. Thank you and Victory of the Light!


Scientific studies have confirmed the positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of us that participate in these meditations actually manifest positive physical changes on Earth. Your Light makes a massive difference in helping to clear the negative electromagnetic energies in Earth’s auric field. This clearing and transformation of negative non-physical energy manifests in a tangible way with positive peaceful developments. I sincerely and genuinely thank you for bringing greater peace and prosperity to our planet with your participation!
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Mirror Light Shield Meditation | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 15)


The Mirror Light Shield is a very effective tool that will assist you in holding your highest Light frequency. Throughout our day we get bombarded by negative thoughts and feelings from other people and our environment. These negative energies can sometimes create a wobble in our personal space, and take us off course from following through on our excitement. In this podcast we will do a meditation together that installs, anchors, and activates this Mirror Light Shield into our personal auric field. After this installation you will be able to hold and expand your Light frequency without so much outer negative interference. Once the Mirror Light Shield is programmed, all you will need to do is briefly “check in” with it once a day. This simple meditation will greatly shield you from the heaviness and density of all negative influence, while you continue to raise your personal frequency and purify your energy bodies of all separation anomalies.
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Indigo Minute Ascension Circle Meditation In L.A.


It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world into our own hands. Come to the first Indigo Minute Ascension Circle Meditation In L.A. to change the Earth with the power of our unified imagination. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation will actually create positive changes on Earth. Your Light will make a difference.
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The Fall of Consciousness | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 14)


This is the story of the Fall of Consciousness; a timeless tale of how we gradually fell from our unity with All That Is, and completely forgot about who and what we are. It’s a story about our experimentation with the separation anomaly, how we got lost in the maze of our own creation, and what we are consciously doing to rise out of the depths of our self created limitations. This episode also discusses our purpose and mission to awaken ourselves, rise together, and transform humanity through the true power of our unified Presence. You are here for a reason, to know yourself, reclaim your power, and become who you have always been.
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Archetypes of Light | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 13)


Light is the fundamental building block of reality from which all forms are made of. Imagine it as a limitless energy source that you can use to create whatever you want. Our great work as Alchemists is to use the 3 Archetypes of Light to transform the lead aspects of our consciousness into gold. By consciously working with the Prima Materia of our Being we begin to transform ourselves from a separate self into a unified whole. The more it becomes clear that Light can be shaped into anything we imagine, the more lucid our dream becomes. Discover the fundamental dynamics of Light, and how you can use It to create yourself and your reality more intentionally.
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Holding The Light | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 12)


How do we hold our preferred good mood without getting pulled into someone else’s bad mood? There are many inner and outer distractions that battle for our attention, and pull us away from our conscious positive intentions. Our greatest challenge as Alchemists is in holding the Light that we prefer no matter what is happening in our environment. The universal law states that what we put out is what we get back. Therefore the more powerfully we can hold our Light, the easier we can transform a negative condition into a positive expression within our Presence. Find out more in this episode of the Indigo Minute podcast.
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Infinite Eye | Indigo Minute Podcast (Ep. 11)


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The infinite eye is a gateway to any reality. You have two eyes to see your current manifest reality, and a third eye to see what other realities exist within you. What you see is what you are, and it is through the inner vision that we bring the invisible into the visible. The infinite eye allows you to choose any reality within you, and manifest it into a physical tangible experience. This practice and experimentation will grow your confidence for greater and greater conscious manifestations.

Are We Living In A Virtual Reality?


Have you ever wondered who and what you are? In this episode of the Indigo Minute podcast my friend Max Kehs and I discuss the nature of our reality, and its striking similarities to virtual reality.
The lines between real and unreal are blurring as quantum technology develops A.I., and digital graphics are getting closer to looking life like. What if one day we won’t be able to tell reality apart from illusion?
What if that day is today and we are living in a virtual reality right now? How would you live your life differently if that were true? Would you enjoy it more?
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