Choosing Life With Kenrick McFarlane


In this episode of the Indigo Minute podcast, I’m speaking with my homie Kenrick McFarlane who is a talented painter and artist. We discuss the many illusions that keep us distracted from our True Self fulfillment, and the discernment necessary to choose life over death on a moment by moment basis. It’s up to us to save ourselves from our … Read More

The King Within Featuring James David Gore


In this episode of the Indigo Minute podcast, I’m speaking with my friend James David Gore who is a talented actor and writer. We discuss varying topics about creation, identity, unconditional love, and the King Within who is the One Commanding Presence over all inner and outer forms. It’s a long conversation with many jewels throughout. Enjoy! James David Gore … Read More

I See That And I Choose This Instead

maks+1 Level Up!

We all had the experience of going about our business, and then noticing a random negative thought pop into our mind trying to hijack our attention. Often times this negative thought has nothing to do with us, but it tries really hard to make us identify with it so that it can use our energy to survive within our consciousness. … Read More

Overcoming Resistance With Stephen


The Indigo Minute podcast features deep spiritual conversations with its founder Maksim Presence and his friends. Through interesting dialogue we explore the depths of the human condition, our motivations, challenges, and what it means to be human. Together our goal is to discuss and discover ways in which we can ascend our personal and collective frequency into the next level … Read More

Honesty Is The Key To Purity

maks+1 Level Up!

Honesty is our greatest Ascension Ally, and I don’t mean the typical kind of outer honesty with friends and family. I mean truly being honest with ourselves, and why we make the choices and take the actions we take.    It takes a lot of courage to really understand ourselves, and what drives our motives. What is the true … Read More

What You Want Is Looking For You

maks+1 Level Up!

Have you ever felt the need to figure it all out to the point where your running around in circles creating unnecessary drama? We often feel that need to manipulate the outer reflection to make happen what we think needs to happen. However have you ever tried sitting still, and letting what you want to happen come to you instead? … Read More

What Is The Separation Anomaly?

maksAscension Alchemy

The greatest thing we are addicted to is our addiction to Separation. It is the core wound of humanity, and the Primary Anomaly from which all fear, self doubt, lack, and unworthiness stem from. This Separation Anomaly is like a psychic virus within the individual and collective consciousness that makes it appear as if we are separate from each other, … Read More