Today Is A Very Special Day

maks+1 Level Up!

Today is a very special day. Today you are expanding into your abundance. Today opportunity is raining upon you. Today blessings are filling your cup. Today your heart is opening to yourself, to your world, and to all that is. I Am so so grateful for you today.    “Imagine if everyone thought the same thing for one minute.” … Read More

I Am The One And The All

maksAscension Alchemy

003?! I AM the One! I love my relationship with the One. It always has my back, it loves me unconditionally, and it gives me everything I could possibly ask for. Within it’s infinite glory all things are spontaneously appearing, and always changing, transforming, evolving. We are connected to it’s vast reservoir of love, wisdom, and power. Understanding your relationship … Read More

My Character Is A Projected Self Image

maksAscension Alchemy

Episode 002! Are you as excited as I Am?! The concept of your Projected Self Image is another fundamental building block in understanding who you are at a core level. Your personality, your character, or who you fundamentally believe you are… is just an extension of your True Self. This core distinction is important to realize, because it will allow … Read More

Ascension Alchemy: The Science of Spiritual Ascension

maksAscension Alchemy

001! This is the first episode of the Indigo Minute Ascension Alchemy educational series. I’m excited to kick it off by introducing the concept of Ascension Alchemy, which is an inner scientific spiritual process for Ascension. Ascension is a quantum leap of who you are into a multidimensional state of consciousness. It is a process of re-discovering your Indestructible Self … Read More